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We are hospitality experts supplying enriching
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Personalized Indulgences for the Discerning Individual

For Individuals

Immerse yourself in a world of personalised luxury experiences, each tailored just for you. Whether it's the thrill of hosting your own unique private party at home, exploring the world's most incredible hotels or being introduced to speciality spirits and fine wine that exceeds expectation, we are the hospitality concierge for you.

We also introduce clients to modern art and sculptures from a selection of special artists.

Elevate Your Business Experience

For Business

From highly interactive Cocktail Masterclasses, engaging drinks experiences for Exhibition Stands, Whiskey Tasting or the creation of unique Signature Cocktails, we deliver drinks entertainment and creative services that resonate with quality and sophistication.

We also deliver Bar Excellence Training to hospitality teams, elevating the venue’s drink service in quantifiable ways.

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Cocktail Masterclasses

This offers an engaging experience for guests who are looking to learn the art of cocktail making. It’s perfect for team building, for entertainment or as a way to bring people together at events.

Cocktail Energisers

The ultimate arrival cocktail or mocktail, our master mixologist on the stage leads hundreds of guests in shaking up their own arrival drink with ingredients in boxes on their tables.

Exhibition Stands

Our cocktail mixologists & spirits specialists drive footfall and create an instgramable buzz around your exhibition stand.

Spirits Tasting Experiences

Experience whiskey and rum tasting with dynamic techniques, learn quirky trivia, touch and feel the raw materials and see images of the distilleries around the world. .

Wine Gameshow Experience

Wine tasting with a vibrant and energetic twist.

Cocktail Receptions

Visually stunning creative cocktails and mocktails, served by leading mixologists that engage with guests at just the right level to create a memorable drinks experience.

Interactive Entertainment Acts

Burlesque giant martini glass, illusionists, contortionists and much more.

Musical Performers

LED violinists, opera singers, DJs and much more

Bar Excellence

How to perfectly serve drinks consistently, with techniques that engage and impress.

Upsell Fluently In Conversation

Learn powerful one-lines for each of the premium spirits on your backbar and up-sell fluently,in a way that generates quantifiable financial results.

Cocktail Confidence

"Develop the ability to pick up a shaker, shake a perfectly balance cocktail and present it beautifully. "

Exquisite Garnishing

'The first sip is with the eye', learn how to create instagramable garnishes that delight and excite customers

Signature Cocktail Design

A service that creates unique cocktails for your bar, that grab social media attention, typically with incredible garnishes that people instantly want to photograph

Menu & Drinks Development

A complete menu review and design service that is underpinned by a deeply gained understanding of your bar, customers, environment and commercial opportunities.

Drinks Styling

A drinks styling service for photoshoots, PR events and showcases.

Private Party Planning

The ultimate party planning service for life's special celebrations

Luxury Travel

Effortless Luxury Travel

Speciality Wines & Spirits

The World's FInest Wines & Spirits

FIne Art & Sculpture

Fine Art & Sculptures
Murdo has a real passion for drinks culture and inspires event guests and consumers alike with creativity and passion and can bring both expertise and fun to any on premise or corporate event

Michael Birch, Vice President, Bacardi


The cocktail service was simply brilliant, we couldn't have asked for anything more, perfect throughout.

H Foster. London

Private Party

travel, Drink, enjoy

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